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Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series RD 3 & 4

Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series RD 3 & 4

Apr 21st - 22nd, 2012 Lake Elsinore, CA

Bradley and the BME Motorsports team had an excellent weekend at the new Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park for Rounds 3 and 4 of the Lucas Oil Off-road Racing Series. Bradley started strong in his Modified Kart sweeping the weekend with two 1st Place finishes. In the single buggy class race Bradley dominated the race on Sunday all the way to the final lap, only to lose his motor and the lead but hold on to a 2nd place finish.

In the Pro Lite class the weekend started off not so smooth. On Friday, Bradley went big off of the large ski jump and caught a gust of wind beneath him, which lifted the front end of the truck causing him to land on the back of the truck and barrel-roll down the landing section of the jump. The team was able to get the truck back together for Saturday’s race. Bradley started the Pro Lite truck race on Saturday in the 25th position, and once the green flag was waved Bradley started his charge to the front. Working his way through the line of trucks, Bradley’s front shock broke and had no compression for landing off of the jumps. Bradley had to make a driving adjustment to compensate for the hard landings to finish the race, but this did not slow him down. Driving hard and taking all the force from the jumps, he was able to keep up his momentum and worked his way into the top 10 trucks and finished in 8th place.

During Sunday’s qualifying session Bradley kept the momentum going and set down the 5th fastest for Sunday’s qualifying. Starting the race off in the third row, Bradley was shuffled back in the muddy Turn #1. Racing hard and battling side by side with veterans and past champions of the class, he put up a strong battle and worked his way to the 6th position at the mandatory caution flag. In the final two laps Bradley fought hard with the two defending champions Chris Brandt and Brian Deegan. Bradley was able to pass Deegan and put a great deal of pressure on Brandt. Not quite able to pass Brandt, Bradley was able to get his first podium finish in the new Pro Lite and finish in 3rd place. Bradley Morris is the first driver under the age of 16 to ever reach a podium finish in the Pro-Lite Class.

Having a great weekend, Bradley brought home 4 podiums and a top 10 finish out of 6 races. Bradley let everybody know that he is there to race and will be a threat for that first place position. With all the big crashes and terrific finishes, the Bradley Morris name and BME Motorsports has become the buzz around the pits and the media as well as a growing fan base.